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A day in the life of Joe Bonilla '11
Bonilla sits with team around a conference table.
Joe Bonilla ’11 wants to know one thing: Are you relentless? It’s an essential trait for succeeding in today’s ultracompetitive media landscape and it is what fuels Bonilla’s award-winning creative strategy firm, Relentless Awareness. With co-founder and fellow alumnus, Rich Fazio ’06, Bonilla built the 10-year-old agency’s team of talented professionals and amassed a diverse client roster in sectors ranging from manufacturing, retail and healthcare to transportation, entertainment, political campaigns and more. So how does a successful company that started with “two guys, $200, and a dream” stay on top? UAlbany Magazine goes for a ride-along with the most relentless agency in the game to find out.
Senator Chuck Schumer standing at a podium.
media relations
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer speaking at the Relentless-organized press conference for the grand opening of the Blake Annex community coworking space in downtown Albany.
Joe Masher standing at a podium.
public relations
To help reopen New York’s movie theaters during the pandemic, we organized statewide rallies, led by Bow Tie Cinemas’ Joe Masher ’87. Our efforts earned national and international media attention.
People stand around with video recording equipment and a microphone hanging from a stick.
video production
Commercial television production is just one of many bespoke services we provide to our clients on a daily basis to ensure they look their best.
A video camera on a tripod sits on a rock wall overlooking the Helderberg Escarpment.
video production
On location with our camera-droid, nicknamed RA-D2, which is representative of the extensive and ever-growing collection of high-end production equipment we’ve invested in to keep at the top of our field.
Bonilla stands to the side of a group picture with Mayor Kathy Sheehan at the center of a elaborate spiral staircase.
Borrowing from the song in the musical “Hamilton,” we’ve been in “The Room Where It Happens” for that last 10 years working in many times zones, geographic locations and with the support of public figures like Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan and New York Assemblymember Pat Fahy.
Three trophies shaped like people with wings.
We keep racking up accolades for our work, earning recognition from the American Advertising Federation and the Telly Awards.
A man uses a tool to move grain around a mill.
Ever been inside a grain mill? We have, thanks to our longtime client, Chatham Brewing, in Columbia County.
The view from the audience of a podium with Mayor Sheehan.
live production
Our live production equipment and press conference setup for the 2021 City of Albany inauguration ceremony.
Bottles of Yankee Distillers products.
We leverage our distinctive style to highlight the products and services of our clients. For example, we staged and captured this great fall cocktail menu for Yankee Distillers.
A drone flying.
drone footage
As licensed drone operators, our creative services team captures bird’s eye-view video and photography for live events, tourism destinations and more.
A group of interns sit around a table with drinks and food.
This is our end-of-semester lunch with three UAlbany interns. Over the past decade, Relentless has provided real-world learning opportunities for dozens of interns. Some have joined our team in full-time positions after graduating!
Bonilla and a group of volunteers and patients at Ronald McDonald House.
community support
We give our time, talent and treasure to support community and charitable organizations, such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities’s Family Retreat at Krantz Cottage in Lake George, the first of its kind worldwide.
A group of people in an atrium next to a large staircase and surrounded by green leafy plants.
public relations
Another day, another press conference. This event included some larger-than-life wrestlers in support of the International Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame opening in Albany.

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