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Spring 2022

We are excited to present three fantastic magazine covers to highlight the diverse talents of our alumni artists: The delicate details of graduate student Maddie Hinrich’s oil painting and embroidery captivate the imagination; a sense of scale is revealed as Judith Braun creates a large wall drawing using only her fingers dipped in ground charcoal; and Aaron Feinberg’s visceral photo of a Hawaiian wave’s explosion is arresting and powerful.

What I See, What I Show. Oil and embroidery by Maddie Hinrichs.
Maddie Hinrichs, MFA 2022 candidate
What I See, What I Show, 2022
Oil and embroidery on canvas, 10 x 13 1/4 in
Judith Braun finger paints large circular spiral with charcoal on a white wall.
Judith Braun, MFA '83
Fingering #16, 2013
Charcoal fingerprints on wall, (Visual Arts Center of New Jersey), 12 x 12 ft
A large wave of ocean water rising just before it crashes to the rocky shoreline.
Aaron Feinberg '04


Maddie Hinrichs shares the process behind creating her works with oil painting and embroidery mediums and the story behind the piece What I See, What I Show.
Big Picture

Stunning details of an 8-foot-tall bronze sculpture of St. John the Baptist by Lorenzo Ghiberti captivate visitors to Orsanmichele, a 14th century church in Florence, and is part of the research focus of Amy Bloch, an associate professor of art history. Professor Bloch’s book, Gates of Paradise, explores Ghiberti’s artistic interpretations of Old Testament narratives.

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Art on campus

Minerva in the Garden, 1993 by Ed Cowley on display at the entrance of the University Library building.