Fall 2021

Authors & Editors


with James Stellar, Beny Poy ’17, Chrisel Martinez ’16, Marc Cohen ’16, Brandy Eggan, Chloé Skye Weisser, Rachel Eager, Agata Buras

Diversity, equity and inclusion issues are at the center of today’s societal conversations. A new book by Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience James Stellar and co-authors explores the “lived experiences” of college students who grappled with the topics on their campuses. In Diversity at College: Real Stories of Students Conquering Bias and Making Higher Education More Inclusive, Stellar, a former provost at the University, co-authored the book on bias at college with three UAlbany alums and a former research fellow/post-doctoral candidate.

“This book offers the student stories in a context of social neuroscience to illustrate how they successfully navigated their college experience as students who found themselves in a minority,” Stellar said.

A range of complex issues, including implicit bias, self-handicapping, and low socioeconomic status and peer support, are viewed through the lenses of the students themselves, offering personal and poignant narratives.

James Stellar

“These are stories, anecdotes and truths of individuals who were once in their same seats, balancing classes, leadership roles, family and personal obligations,” said Chrisel Martinez ’16, who is now an equity strategist and creative consultant. “This book can support many students in identifying their life passions and understanding that the past is who they are but they get to decide who they become, based in large part on their college choices.”