Fall 2022

Authors & Editors


An Early History of the Wyoming Valley by Kathleen Earle

Kathleen Earle Fox ’67, MSW ’76, PhD ’96, is the author of An Early History of the Wyoming Valley: the Yankee Pennamite Wars and Timothy Pickering, published by The History Press in April. The book covers the mid 1750s in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, through the Revolution and Sullivan’s march, to the relocation of the Phelps-Gorham purchase in New York 1789-1795, and focuses heavily on the Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois. Fox served as director of research, National Indian Child Welfare Association in Portland, Oregon, for several years. In 1965, she submitted the winning entry to Albany’s mascot-naming contest, the Great Dane.

Cover art for "What's With Those Adirondack Mountain Names?" written by Robert Lawrence.

Robert Lawrence, MS ’75, is the author of What’s with Those Adirondack Mountain Names? which provides insight into more than a hundred Adirondack Mountain place names or oronyms.

The Freedom to Journey On by Elena Thornton

Elena Tulchinsky Thornton ’84, MA ’92, is the author of The Freedom to Journey On: A collection of poems, short stories and artwork.

Cover art for "Spectrum Wars: The Rise of 5G and Beyond" by Jennifer Manner.

Jennifer Manner ’86, is the author of Spectrum Wars: The Rise of 5G and Beyond (Artech House).

Cover art for "Mindful Admissions" written by Lauren Carter

Lauren Carter ’88, published Mindful Admissions: An Insider’s Guide to Staying Sane, Applying Well and Getting Accepted to College. The book serves as “a soul-centered guide, moral compass, and trusted tool kit for parents and their collegebound teens.” Carter is the daughter of Dr. Carson Carr, Jr., beloved former UAlbany EOP director. She has spent over 20 years directing college counseling programs at independent schools and serves as director of college counseling at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C.

Cover art for "Keeper of the Mirror" by Theresa Nellis

Theresa Nellis ’97, is the author of Keeper of the Mirror: The Portly Lady (Atmosphere Press).

"Change the World by Changing Yourself" by Angelo Maddox

Angelo Maddox ’05, published his first book, Change the World by Changing Yourself.

Across the River Jordan by Holly McKenna

Holly Planells McKenna, MA ’11, shares her story of reconnecting with her son in her memoir, Across the River Jordan: The Journey to Bring My Son Home. McKenna is a professional media lecturer and director of the internship program for the English Department and Journalism Program at UAlbany, and the director of community engagement, International Center of the Capital Region.

Cover art for "Mr. Owl's Classroom Presents: Allie the Alligator" by Will Kelly

Will Kelly ’12 published his first children’s book, Mr. Owl’s Classroom Presents: Allie the Alligator.